Disposable Clinical Staff Supplies

Disposable Clinical Staff Supplies

These hospital staff supplies are used during medical surge situations and for alternate care sites.

Staff Scrubs image

Staff Scrubs

$250.00 - $303.00

Disposable staff scrubs for medical surge care. Available As Staff Scrubs (MC4007) Specifications Staff Scrubs (MC4007) Scrub pant: disposable scrub pant is soft and comfortable, hip po…

Disposable Stethoscope image

Disposable Stethoscope


The stethoscope, designed for single patient use, is perfect for infectious areas. Sound quality is remarkably good. Available As Disposable Stethoscope (MC4017) Specifications Dispos…

Disposable BP Cuff Covers image

Disposable BP Cuff Covers


Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff Covers for prevention of cross contamination. Available As Disposable BP Cuff Covers (MC4018) Specifications Disposable BP Cuff Covers (MC4018) Made from a …

Disposable Lab Coats image

Disposable Lab Coats

$113.00 - $324.60

An economical, fluid-resistant outer layer for healthcare providers. Available As Disposable Lab Coats (PR235) - Box of 30 Disposable Lab Coats (MC4012) - Box of 10 Specifications …

48 Hour Scrub Set image

48 Hour - Scrub Sets


Disposable staff scrubs for medical surge care. 10 scrub pants and shirts of each size (M, XL, XXL) included in one dispenser box. Available As 48 Hour - Scrub Sets (MC5006) Specifications …

Sharps Disposal Container image

Sharps Disposal Container


Container for use in sharps disposal. Available As Sharps Disposal Container (MC4024) Specifications Sharps Disposal Container (MC4024) Capacity: 1 gallon Color: red, with translucent li…

IV Pole image

IV Pole


Portable, collapsible, sturdy, and cost-effective IV pole. Available As IV Pole (MC4019) Specifications IV Pole (MC4019) Innovative design makes it cost-effective, portable, collapsible…

Patient Lifters image

Patient Lifters


Patient Lifters with nylon webbing and 6 total handholds. Available As Patient Lifters (MC4010) Specifications Patient Lifters (MC4010) Durable nylon webbing with strong handholds …