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Healthcare Preparedness Equipment & Supplies

Healthcare Preparedness Equipment & Supplies

DQE understands that hospitals have unique needs to prepare for emergencies. Incident Solutions® hospital incident command (HICS) products are designed with HICS goals and strategies in mind to enhance hospital emergency preparedness and response capability. Patient evacuation products organize the evacuation process for evacuation in a healthcare setting. Decontamination showers are simple to set up and have vinyl enclosures for patients to feel as comfortable as possible through the decontamination process. DQE carries a variety of infection control, personal protective equipment (PPE) and HazMat suits for hospital staff protection.

Disposable Cooling Vests - Cool Packs image

Disposable Cooling Vests - Cool Packs


State of the art, bio-based cooling packs remain 59°F for up to 2½ hours, recharge in minutes. The only phase change material cool packs on the market that contain no hazardous chemicals or…

Disposable Cooling Vests image

Disposable Cooling Vests


This replacement pack of 5 Disposable Cooling Vests are adjustable and thin for comfort under personal protective apparel and chemical suits. They are designed to target the optimal upper torso coolin…

Decon Utility Stool image

Decon Utility Stool


The Decon Stool is a quick and convenient way to introduce a seating option during the decon process. Integrated bucket provides storage for soap, brushes, sponges and other decon items. HazMat respon…

Heavy Duty Apron image

Heavy Duty Apron


Chemical, cut, tear, puncture resistant apron with vinyl waist ties and pullover neck loop. Available As Heavy Duty Apron (HM1365) Specifications Heavy Duty Apron (HM1365) Material: 8 mil…

Disposable Apron image

Disposable Apron


Lightweight, disposable apron with poly-waist ties and a pullover neck loop. The disposable apron can tear off from your neck for disposal, avoiding the need for having potentially hazardous scissors …

SafePaq Plus - Blood & Virus Protection Kit image

SafePaq® Plus - Blood & Virus Protection Kit

$393.75 - $420.00

Remain fully protected when managing a crisis and providing care to those in need and prevent the transmission of infectious agents with SafePaq Plus Blood & Virus Protection Kits. The breathable …

Disposable Face Shield with Protective Drape image

Disposable Face Shield with Protective Drape


Disposable full face shield with attached fluid barrier fabric. The barrier fabric cups under the chin to provide the user extra splash protection. See our Reusable Face Shield (HM3740|HM3740S) f…

Kappler Zytron 300 Coverall image

Kappler Zytron 300 Coverall

$70.95 - $81.64

For rigorous activities and rugged situations involving liquid splash. Kappler Zytron 300 personal protective clothing shields responders directly involved in Hazardous Materials emergency response.&n…

DuPont Tychem 5000 Coverall image

DuPont Tychem 5000 Coverall

$88.00 - $558.06

DuPont Tychem 5000 (formerly DuPont Tychem CPF 3) personal protective suit shields responders directly involved in HazMat response. Uses include chemical and petrochemical handling, hazardous material…

Nitrile Extended Cuff Exam Gloves - 8 mil image

Nitrile Extended Cuff Exam Gloves - 8 mil


8 mil Nitrile extended cuff exam gloves can be used alone, or are are excellent gloves when paired with 16 mil Butyl gloves. Available As Nitrile Extended Cuff Exam Gloves - 8 mil (HM3715) …

Knee-High Overshoe image

Knee-High Overshoe


Liquid-resistant, polycoated fabric shoe cover with vinyl-textured sole. Available As Knee-High Overshoe (HM1270) Specifications Knee-High Overshoe (HM1270) Height: 18" Material: Polyc…

3M Decon Belt - Breathe Easy image

3M Decon Belt - Breathe Easy


This specialized decon belt is a part of the Breathe Easy PAPR System for use by health care professionals who are preparing for HazMat patient decontamination at their facilities. This belt is n…