Healthcare Preparedness Equipment & Supplies

Healthcare Preparedness Equipment & Supplies

DQE understands that hospitals have unique needs to prepare for emergencies. Incident Solutions® hospital incident command (HICS) products are designed with HICS goals and strategies in mind to enhance hospital emergency preparedness and response capability. Patient evacuation products organize the evacuation process for evacuation in a healthcare setting. Decontamination showers are simple to set up and have vinyl enclosures for patients to feel as comfortable as possible through the decontamination process. DQE carries a variety of infection control, personal protective equipment (PPE) and HazMat suits for hospital staff protection.

Decon Stability Cane image

Decon Stability Cane


Wearing a HazMat suit during responder decontamination makes it difficult to maneuver. The Decon Stability Cane allows responders to navigate a decon area safety. It is especially helpful when washing…

Honeywell North Butyl Smooth Gloves - 7 mil image

Honeywell North Butyl Smooth Gloves - 7 mil


These 7 mil, 14" Butyl gloves are a perfect inner glove when used in conjunction with a 15 mil Nitrile glove. These unsupported, Butyl gloves have a sanitized interior, smooth finish, and a rolled bea…

Kappler Zytron 200 Coverall image

Kappler Zytron 200 Coverall

$48.43 - $55.69

Kappler Zytron 200 personal protective clothing shields responders directly involved in Hazardous Materials emergency response and decontamination. Available As Kappler Zytron 200 Coverall (HM…

Zone tape with dispenser image

Zone Tape - Hot, Warm, Cold


The tape is lightweight but strong enough to reuse several times. Deploy by wrapping around trees, poles, and barrels; or secure to walls or barricades. Barricade Tape Dispenser sold separately. Hot …

Slyde Evacuation Sled 5 Pack in Sleeve image

Slyde® Evacuation Sleds - 5 Pack w/ Storage Sleeve

$1,400.00 - $1,500.00

The DQE Slyde Evacuation Sled offers a safe, simple and affordable way to evacuate non-ambulatory occupants from any multistory building using the stairways. Made from high-strength polypropylene, thi…

Portable Misting Fan image

Misting Rehab Fan


A misting fan is ideal for applications where a portable heat relief source is required. Convenient and user friendly, this misting fan is the perfect solution for cooling work areas for first re…

Honeywell North Butyl Smooth Gloves image

Honeywell North Butyl Smooth Gloves - 13 mil & 17 mil

$60.11 - $64.16

These 13 mil, 11" gloves and 17 mil, 14" gloves may serve as a single layer solution or as an outer layer glove when used in conjunction with a 5 mil Nitrile glove or Silver Shield Glove Liners. These…

North Defender Multi-Purpose Cartridge image

Honeywell North Defender Multi-Purpose Cartridge


The North Defender Multi-Purpose (multi-contaminant) gas and vapor cartridge is NIOSH approved for gases and vapors. For use with the North RU6500 Silicone Full Facepiece (HM5411). Available As No…

3M FR-57 Multi-Contaminant Filter Cartridge image

3M FR-57 Multi-Contaminant Filter Cartridge


The 3M FR-57 Filter is NIOSH-approved for use with the 3M Breathe Easy PAPR System (HM5500) for many toxic industrial chemicals and as a high efficiency filter. Available As 3M FR-57 Multi-Conta…

Flexible Wastewater Tank image

Flexible Wastewater Tank

$630.00 - $1,595.00

Safely store contaminated wastewater from the decontamination process in this Flexible Wastewater Tank. It is available in two sizes depending on needs the HazMat emergency response. Custom sizes and …

SKUHM150B | HM1000B
North RU6500 APR Kit image

Honeywell North RU6500 APR Kit


Complete Air Purifying Respirator (APR) with one North RU6500 Silicon Full Facepiece (HM5411) and two North Defender Multi-Purpose Respirator Cartridges (HM5412). The North RU6500 APR is a NIOSH appro…

Germicidal Disposable Wipes image

Germicidal Disposable Wipes


Non-woven, pre-moistened towelettes are thick with high fluid capacity. These wipes are pliable and strong to get into crevices and corners of equipment. Individually-wrapped Super Sani-Cloth&reg…