Flexible Potable Water Tank

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Safely store fresh potable water near the point of use with these Flexible Potable Water Tanks.

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Also known as pillow tanks or water bladders, these Flexible Potable Water Tanks are collapsible, fold down for compact and efficient storage, and handle easily during deployment. The bladder tank has a large top inlet that allows for a fast refill from bulk supply transport equipment. These potable water storage tanks are also suitable for water transport when secured in an appropriately-sized vehicle. Water tank storage capacities range from 25 gallons to 5000 gallons.

Applications include:

  • Extra water supply for fire departments in rural areas or where water pressure is low
  • Drinking water bladder for home emergency preparedness
  • Clean water storage for showers and hygiene
  • Rainwater harvesting and storage tank
  • Emergency water storage during disaster relief
  • Construction site water tank
  • Livestock water tank for hydration of animals
  • Parks and nurseries – anywhere there is a scarce source of water

Available As

  • Flexible Potable Water Tank - 25 gal. (MC2500-0025)
  • Flexible Potable Water Tank - 50 gal. (MC2500-0050)
  • Flexible Potable Water Tank - 100 gal. (MC2500-0100)
  • Flexible Potable Water Tank - 250 gal. (MC2500-0250)
  • Flexible Potable Water Tank - 525 gal. (MC2500-0525)
  • Flexible Potable Water Tank - 1140 gal. (MC2500-1140)
  • Flexible Potable Water Tank - 1500 gal. (MC2500-1500)
  • Flexible Potable Water Tank - 2000 gal. (MC2500-2000)
  • Flexible Potable Water Tank - 2500 gal. (MC2500-2500)
  • Flexible Potable Water Tank - 3000 gal. (MC2500-3000)
  • Flexible Potable Water Tank - 4000 gal. (MC2500-4000)
  • Flexible Potable Water Tank - 5000 gal. (MC2500-5000)


  • Water Tank Fabric
    • Meets the following standards:
      • 8128 FDA vinyl fabric coating approved for extended contact with potable drinking water
      • NSF/ANSI 61 standard requirements for materials that come into contact with drinking water
      • Cold crack tested to -40°F (MIL-C20696C LTC, ASTM D2136)
    • 28 oz. chemical-resistant PVC (vinyl) coated polyester
    • UV- and mildew-resistant
    • Cold service limit -33°F (1°C)
    • Cold crack tested to -40F (MIL-C20696C LTC, ASTM D2136)
    • Material heat resistance up to 150F (70C)*
    • 7-year limited manufacturer warranty for weathering
  • 4 PVC tie-down anchors are RF-welded for extended service
  • Large 4” fill opening and separate pressure relief valve on top of the tank
  • Water tanks < 2000 gal. have one 1-1/2” PVC ball valve with female threads
  • Water tanks 2000 gal. and above have one 2” PVC ball valve with cam lock fitting
  • The ball valve is centered on one short end
  • TAA compliant
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Capacity printed on the top side
  • Tanks NOT designed for storing petroleum products
  • *Protect water storage from direct sun to avoid unintended scalding
Flexible Potable Water Tank Dimensions

Item #


Dimensions (filled)

Weight (unfilled)

MC2500-0025 25 gal. 36"L x 24"W x 8"H 10 lb.
MC2500-0050 50 gal.  52"L x 36"W x 9"H 14 lb.
MC2500-0100 100 gal. 58"L x 54"W x 16"H  18 lb.
MC2500-0250 250 gal. 84"L x 60"W x 14"H 23 lb. 
MC2500-0525 525 gal.  99"L x 64"W x 18"H  33 lb. 
MC2500-1140 1140 gal. 144"L x 84"W x 24"H  58 lb.
MC2500-1500 1500 gal.  179"L x 113"W x 24"H 67 lb. 
MC2500-2000 2000 gal.  144"L x 125"W x 24"H 82 lb.
MC2500-2500 2500 gal. 168"L x 151"W x 24"H   90 lb. 
MC2500-3000 3000 gal. 168"L x 142"W x 30"H  104 lb.
MC2500-4000 4000 gal. 216"L x 168"W x 36"H   120 lb.
MC2500-5000 5000 gal.  226"L x 175"W x 36"H  142 lb.

Dimensions approximate - tank length and width will contract as the filled tank increases in height

Water Long Term Storage

  1. Make sure tank location is on level ground and protected from traffic flow.
  2. Clear the area from any debris and use a pad or plywood for protection of the tank.
  3. For installing under a crawl space, make sure that the tank has enough clearance from the floor joists and no sharp objects are protruding down.

Filling the Water Tank

Using the 4" Opening

  1. Make sure the ball valve is in the closed position. Unscrew the red cap, insert the hose, and begin filling.
  2. When water overflows from the opening, remove the hose and screw on the cap.

Using the Ball Valve

  1. When filling from the ball valve, remove the red cap, attach the hose to the ball valve, open the valve, and begin filling.
  2. When you see water overflowing from the 4” opening, shut off the flow and screw on the red cap.

*Do not hang tanks by the eyelets. Eyelets are only to be used when securing the tank to the ground or a truck.
**Do not leave the tank unattended while filling


  • One flexible potable water tank

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19GN-00-H2OD - System, Water Distribution

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