Barricade Zone Tape Dispenser

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Easily dispense zone tape with this lightweight, sturdy dispenser.

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This Barricade Zone Tape Dispenser virtually eliminates problems with dispensing barricade tape. Easy unroll tape without tangling or dropping the roll. A built-in cutting edge conveniently cuts tape to the desired length.

Available As

  • Barricade Zone Tape Dispenser (HM408)


Barricade Zone Tape Dispenser (HM408)

  • Holds 500 or 1000 foot rolls of 3 inch wide barricade tape.
  • Handle constructed of  nylon thermoplastic
  • Dispenser Length: 8 3/4 inches
  • Built-in blade for tape cutting


  • One tape dispenser (tape not included)

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08D2-01-TDCS  (Items, Support, Decontamination Corridor)

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