Public Safety & Emergency Response

Public Safety & Emergency Response

Today it’s an industrial chemical spill, but tomorrow it could be something on a far larger scale. Because as an emergency responder, you encounter drastically different scenarios on a day-to-day basis, DQE designs products that adapt to the appropriate level of response to ensure the greatest flexibility. DQE decon showers are designed for quick setup and to be resilient in extreme conditions. We proudly manufacture all our decontamination showers in the United States. All of our HazMat showers are portable and come with vinyl carry bags for easy transport.

We carry a variety of HazMat suits, chemical boots, protective gloves, and respiratory protection to meet your needs. You'll find brands like DuPont, Honeywell, Kappler, Ansell, 3M, and more!

37°C fire rehab products are a practical, affordable way to establish a firefighter rehabilitation area or a safe area for rest and recovery in a variety of situations.

North RU6500 Silicone Full Facepiece image

Honeywell North RU6500 Silicone Full Facepiece


This facepiece is NIOSH approved in air purifying respirator (APR) and powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) configurations with North N-Series respirator filters and cartridges. The North RU6500's …

North RU6500 APR Kit image

Honeywell North RU6500 APR Kit


Complete Air Purifying Respirator (APR) with one North RU6500 Silicon Full Facepiece (HM5411) and two North Defender Multi-Purpose Respirator Cartridges (HM5412). The North RU6500 APR is a NIOSH appro…

Chemical Resistant Decon Brush image

Chemical Resistant Decon Brush

$19.76 - $27.00

The Chemical Resistant Flow-Thru Decon Brush has soft nylex bristles that are gentle on protective gear. For use with either the Decon Brush Handle(HM544) or the Telescoping Decon Brush Handle(HM545).…

Supersoft Decon Brush image

Supersoft Decon Brush

$15.75 - $23.89

Supersoft decon brushes are gentle on both protective clothing and skin. Available in 8" or 10" for use with either the Decon Brush Handle(HM544) or the Telescoping Decon Brush Handle(HM545). Availab…

Caution Tape image

Caution Tape

$8.60 - $10.76

Barricade tape for restricting an area to limit access of non-emergency personnel. Available As Caution Tape 300' (HM416) Caution Tape 500' (HM415) Specifications Barricade Tape "Caution"…

DuPont Tychem 10000 Fully Encapsulated Training Suit image

DuPont Tychem 10000 Fully Encapsulated Training Suit

$321.66 - $392.49

These DuPont Tychem 10000 (formerly DuPont Tychem TK) Level A training suits offer an economical and effective option for HazMat training. Encapsulated training suit options have either front or rear …

Delta Frame Collection Pool image

Delta Frame Collection Pool


The Delta Frame Collection Pool's unique frame design provides dependable sidewall support while allowing trailers to roll over for easy entry and exit. The pool is quickly setup without the need for …

Change-Out Clothing image

Change-Out Clothing

$4.50 - $142.00

Fresh and dry clothing is important in order to fully relax during the rehab process. T-Shirts for keeping cool in warm climates and sweatshirts and sweatpants to stay warm and protected. Having …

Large Pipe Leak Kit "C-3" image

Large Pipe Leak Kit "C-3"

$451.25 - $787.55

This Large Pipe Leak Kit "C-3" is a stand by hazmat kit for your emergency response arsenal for when the inevitable leaking pipe presents itself. The Large Pipe Leak Kit by Edwards and Cromwell contai…

Leak Control Kit with Offset T-Patches "A-1" image

Leak Control Kit with Offset T-Patches "A-1"

$747.65 - $1,003.20

The Leak Control Kit with Offset T-Patches "A-1" by Edwards and Cromwell allows you to patch difficult holes, such as cracks close to the edge of tanks or supports, and cracks that toggle wings will n…

Small Pipe Leak Kit "C-2" image

Small Pipe Leak Kit "C-2"

$511.10 - $836.00

The External Pipe Leak Control Kit "C-2" by Edwards and Cromwell contains a complete set of external pipe bandages covering nominal pipe sizes from 1/2" to 4". This leak control kit can be utiliz…

Compact Collection Pool - 4' x 4' image

Compact Collection Pool - 4' x 4'

$730.00 - $810.00

Contain wastewater during decon operations with the Compact Collection Pool. The 4' x 4' decon pool is designed for use with all DQE single-stall showers, and is ideal for limited-space applications. …