Non-Sparking Crash Axe

SKU: #HMS1575

Designed specifically for its non-sparking capabilities, this Crash Axe is an essential all-in-one, multi-functional HazMat Responder safety tool.



For HazMat, vehicle rescue, and fire fighting, this Non-Sparking Crash Axe is the safety tool you need in hazardous environments. All it takes is one spark and a grain elevator, chemical plant, petroleum refinery could explode and burn. That's why DQE carries non-sparking beryllium copper alloy safety tools to use instead of steel tools, which can cause sparks. The Non-Sparking Crash Axe is the ultimate all-in-one responder and firefighter axe that provides the utility of a crash axe, hydrant wrench, spanner wrench, pry bar, hand pick, and gas shut-off.

Available As

  • Non-Sparking Crash Axe (HMS1575)


Non-Sparking Crash Axe (HMS1575)

  • Overall length: 17"
  • Weight: 4 lb
  • Made of non-sparking, non magnetic, corrosive resistant beryllium copper alloy
  • This multi-tool axe does the job of six tools: crash axe, hydrant wrench, spanner wrench, pry bar, hand pick and gas shut-off
  • Use appropriate PPE when sharpening copper beryllium tools
  • Manufactured by: NGK Berylco


  • One Non-Sparking Crash Axe
  • One leather head wrap with belt slots and snap closure

Additional Info


03OE-04-KTTL (Kit, Tool, Miscellaneous, Non-Sparking)