MSA Millennium CBRN Gas Mask

SKU: #HM5450

NIOSH CBRN gas mask.



This NIOSH CBRN approved gas mask has a wide field of vision with a polyurethane lens.

Available As

  • MSA Millennium CBRN Gas Mask (HM5450)


MSA Millennium CBRN Gas Mask (HM5450)

  • Wide field of vision with flexible, one-piece polyurethane lens
  • Lens bonded to durable Hycar rubber face piece
  • Drinking tube provides connection for fluid ingestion
  • Reduced fogging with air deflection from internal nose cup and two cheek valves
  • Easy on/off with six-point head harness
  • Standard mechanical speaking diaphragm
  • Dual-canister mount
  • Available in S, M, and L
  • For use with MSA Millennium® Filter - CBRN (HM5451) - sold separately


  • One MSA Millennium CBRN Gas Mask

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Respirator Accessories


01-AR-02-APR  (Respirator, Air-Purifying, Full-Face, Tight-Fitting)

PPE Return Policy: Due to the hazardous nature of using personal protective equipment, this product is not eligible for return.