MasCas® Shower Parts Ordering

SKU: #HM4000 Parts

Parts ordering for the HM4000 MasCas Shower.

$12.00 - $302.98


These parts are for the MasCas Decon Shower(HM4000) - for MasCas II Decon Shower (HM4200) part information contact us. Click image to enlarge the shower illustration to reference the parts needed. Then, review the Specifications below for the corresponding part number. Select the part from the dropdown for pricing and to add to your cart. If your decontamination shower was purchased prior to 2011, please contact us for assistance.

DQE Decon Shower Quality Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of DQE decontamination showers. Our decon showers carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing and material defects. We offer one free replacement part over the life of any shower we manufacture (part code from product insert required).


Available MASCAS Shower parts:

  1. HMPT10015 Bottom U-Base (blue tape)
  2. HMPT10016 Bottom Extender (blue tape)
  3. HMPT40002 Center Support T-Post (bottom)
  4. HMPT40001 Center Support T-Post (top)
  5. HMPT10014 Valve Upright
  6. HMPT10013 Standard Upright
  7. HMPT10011 Top U Base (red tape)
  8. HMPT10012 Top Extender (red tape)
  9. HOSEBLUE Hand-held Spray Hose
  10. 2416-20 Hand-held Spray Nozzle
  11. HM212 Water Pressure Regulator
  12. DIVIDER Privacy Divider
  13. HMPT40003 Decon Flag w/ Pole
  14. HMPT10017 Hand-held Hose Hanger
    BAGSTDU Std. Shower Bag - Upright
    BAGMSD MASCAS Duffle (Red)
    BAGSTDB Std. Shower Bag - Body
    BAGMSDB MASCAS Duffle (Blue)

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