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Post-Mortem Shroud Kits image

Post-Mortem Shroud Kits


Shroud kits retain fluid for burial of the deceased. Available As Post-Mortem Shroud Kits (MC4045) Specifications Post-Mortem Shroud Kits (MC4045) 1 - plastic shroud sheet -...

Post Mortem Kit image

Post Mortem Kit

$245.32 - $332.64

Post Mortem Kit with necessary supplies for handling the deceased. Available Post Mortem Kit (MC4020) Pediatric Post Mortem Kit (MC4021) Specifications Post Mortem Kit (MC4020),...

SKUMC4020 | MC4021
Blankets - 25 per Box image

Blankets (25/Box)


Warm, economical blankets for disaster response or patients in medical surge care. Use alone or with a Mylar blanket for extra warmth. Available As Blankets - 25 per Box...

Pillows image

Pillows (25/Box)


Single-use disposable pillows. 25 pillows packaged in clearly-labeled dispenser box. Image shown with Blankets (MC4009). Available As Pillows (MC4008) Specifications Pillows...

Staff Scrubs image

Staff Scrubs

$254.25 - $332.69

Disposable staff scrubs for medical surge care. Available As Staff Scrubs (MC4007) Specifications Staff Scrubs (MC4007) Scrub pant: disposable scrub pant is soft and comfortable, hip...…

Infant Care Kit image

Infant Care Kit


Infant care supplies for medical surge care. Available As Infant Care Kit (MC4006) Specifications Infant Care Kit (MC4006) Absorbent pads (2): 17" x 24" fluff-filled with embossed...

Gown Kit image

Patient Gown Kits

$170.57 - $188.81

Disposable patient gown kit. Available As Patient Gown Kit (MC4003) Patient Gown Kits - Youth (MC4004) Specifications Gown Kit (MC4003) Adult patient gown: 30" x 42", dark blue...…

Linen Kit image

Linen Kits

$334.53 - $350.31

Disposable linen kits for medical surge care. Available As Linen Kit (MC4001) Linen Kit - Infant (MC4002) Specifications Linen Kit (MC4001) Bottom sheet: 50" x 100", white...

Emergency Warming Blanket image

Emergency Warming Blankets

$22.23 - $83.43

The Disposable Emergency Blanket is packaged in a pocket-sized wrapping. Ideal for retaining body heat during emergency or decontamination events. Available As Emergency Warming Blanket - 5...