MasCache® 96 Hour POD


Supplies to care for 25 patients for 96 hours. Supports Joint Commission recommendations.

$13,144.69 - $16,445.63


Each POD contains prepackaged patient care kits, linen kits, staff scrubs and lab coats. Additional items such as privacy curtains, IV poles, disposable stethoscopes and more are included so that rapid deployment of temporary patient care areas doesn't become a confusing scramble for randomly located supplies.

Available As

  • MasCache 96 Hour POD - Adult (MCPOD4)
  • MasCache 96 Hour POD - Pediatric (MCPOD5)
  • MasCache 96 Hour POD - Adult/Ped Combo (MCPOD6)


MasCache 96 Hour POD (MCPOD4), (MCPOD5), (MCPOD6)

  • Individual bags have bilingual contents lists
  • Clearly marked and color-coded packaging make product identification a breeze
  • The outer shell keeps stacked boxes stable while allowing for a variety of product combinations and much needed work space
  • POD is contained on 3 waterproof pallets
  • Contents are wrapped to protect the contents for long term storage
  • Height: 78"on shipping skid


Additional Info



21CR-00-MEDI (Basic Medical Supply Kits)

DQE is unable to accept returns or exchanges on Mass Care products, which are designated by "MC" at the beginning of the product number. Contact DQE for product samples prior to purchase.

public Available for International Sale