Kinnos Highlight Additive

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Color additive for diluted chlorine bleach spray to improve biohazard decontamination procedure compliance.



Kinnos Highlight is a powdered color additive that uses real-time visual feedback to increase infection control compliance and protect your healthcare workers and patients. Mix the Highlight powder into a solution of 0.5% sodium hypochlorite diluted in water (i.e.10% diluted household bleach) before it is sprayed during decontamination. Highlight changes the chlorine bleach disinfectant solution to a bright blue color that improves coverage, visibility, and fades to clear after adequate disinfectant contact time.

Use the Highlight additive as a visual indicator to improve decontamination training effectiveness, infection control procedure compliance, and reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) related to surface exposure or early doffing of PPE. Poor compliance with disinfection procedures significantly increases healthcare worker risks. Highlight dramatically improves the healthcare environment decontamination performance and user experience

3 ways Highlight powdered additive improves disinfectant spray performance:

  1. Bright blue color shows gaps in surface coverage
  2. Increased liquid viscosity provides smoother coverage and less application splatter
  3. When blue color changes to clear, it is a visual signal of adequate disinfectant contact time

The Highlight additive has been successfully field-tested by global health organizations in Liberia, Guinea, and Haiti for Ebola virus outbreaks and cholera disease outbreaks to protect healthcare workers and slow cholera and Ebola transmission. Leading HazMat and biosafety organizations also use Highlight for compliance training and routine decontamination. 

Highlight is easy to prepare and requires no change in application rates, decontamination procedures or special equipment needed. Use it for the decontamination of healthcare provider PPE, clinical surfaces, and equipment. It is available in two pre-measured sizes: HM600 for hand-held spray bottles containing 650mL (22oz) of 0.5% sodium hypochlorite solution. HM601 for tank sprayers containing 5L (1.32 gal.) of 0.5% sodium hypochlorite solution. A full 10L (2.64 gal.) sprayer requires two HM601 bottles.

Available As

  • Kinnos Highlight Additive - for 650mL Hypochlorite Solution (HM600)
  • Kinnos Highlight Additive - for 5L Hypochlorite Solution (HM601)


Kinnos Highlight Additive (HM600), (HM601)

  • Simple to add to sodium hypochlorite solution for a decontamination spray - just shake 30 seconds in the solution and it's ready
  • Pre-measured additive for consistent concentration
  • No equipment modifications required
  • Colorant stable in sprayer for approximately 5 hours
  • Bright blue color indicates missed surfaces
  • Use during training on disinfectant and sterilization methods to increase emphasis on disinfectant coverage and contact time
  • Modifies liquid properties to improve uniformity of disinfectant coverage on waterproof surfaces
  • Reduces disinfectant splatter and bounce back during application
  • Colorant fade to clear begins in 3 mins - provides real-time feedback
  • Does not change disinfectant usage or application rate
  • Does not reduce the efficacy of chlorine disinfectant
  • Additive requires no more PPE than recommended for handling sodium hypochlorite powder
  • 3 year expiration
  • Not intended for use on bare skin or for patient decontamination
  • Exercise care when using chlorine-based disinfectants which can corrode or damage metal, rubber, or other susceptible surfaces.


  • Pre-measured powder additive

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EPA classified adjuvant - does not require FIFRA registration. All components are EPA classified as inert. Third party lab tested and confirmed as non-irritant when mixed in solution. SDS available on request.

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PPE Return Policy: Due to the hazardous nature of using personal protective equipment, this product is not eligible for return.