HICS Vests - 17 Position HIMT Vest Set

SKU: #IC1101

HIMT identification vests that are affordable and durable.



Identify Hospital Incident Management Team (HIMT) members and responsibilities easily during your facility's incident response using these color-coded vests with printed titles. These identification vests are constructed of a proprietary, non-woven, breathable synthetic material and have easy-to-fasten side straps and a convenient front pocket. They are durable enough to save for repeat use, but economical enough to dispose of after ICS training.

The HICS Vests - 17 Position HIMT Vest Set provides 29 total vests including 17 titles for the key leadership positions on the Hospital Incident Management Team Organizational Chart, and 9 blank vests to support deployment flexibility. This vest set compliments the HICS 17 position HIMT Chart - Dry Erase (IC2008).

Available As

  • 17 Position HIMT Vest Set (IC1101)


17 Position HIMT Vest Set (IC1101)

  • 29 total vests
  • 1 vest for 8 HIMT Command and General Staff titles
  • 4 vests for Medical/Technical titles
  • 8 additional titles for key section roles
  • 4 blank vests with black trim for incident command support roles
  • 2 red trim, 1 each blue, yellow and green trim blank vests

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HICS Vests - 17 Position HIMT Vest Set: Titles & Contents List


Current to the HICS 2014 Standards