HICS Command Toolbox

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Easily deploy your hospital's command center with one source for supplies.



The HICS Command Toolbox enhances your hospital emergency response capability by providing an organized set of tools to perform HICS management procedures. Its contents are specifically designed to aid in the deployment of a hospital command center and are aligned with the HICS standards. The HICS Command Toolbox will become an integrated part of your hospital emergency preparedness plan. Up-to-date with the HICS 2014 revisions.

Available As

  • HICS Command Toolbox (IC2000)


HICS Command Toolbox (IC2000)

One water-resistant, corrugated plastic toolbox with the following supplies:

  • HICS Role Identification

    • HICS 67 Position HIMT Chart - Dry Erase - High quality, space conscious dry erase board clearly displays all 67 Hospital Incident Management Team (HIMT) roles. It has ample space to write notes and additional helpful information directly on the board.
    • Command & General Staff ID Vest Set (16 vests) - These identification vests are constructed of a breathable synthetic material, making them durable enough for repeat use, but economical enough to dispose of. All vests have easy to fasten side straps and a convenient front pocket.
    • Easel
  • Communications Tote

    • HICS Forms (3 complete sets) - Individually wrapped sets of up-to-date HICS Forms printed for quick use.
    • HICS Job Action Sheets (3 complete sets) - Individually wrapped sets of the HICS Job Action Sheets printed for quick use.
    • HICS Pocket Guides (5) - Provides command staff with a template of all positions in the HICS hierarchy and a mission statement for each.
    • Section Table Tents (2 sets)
    • Clipboards (9)
    • Notepads (5)
    • Dry Erase Marker & Eraser
    • Pens (12)
    • Stress Toolboxes (5)
    • Safety Seals (5)
The HICS Command Toolbox contents are available for reorder.