Medical Surge

Medical Surge

DQE medical surge products assist healthcare providers and emergency responders in streamlining care and being resilient during a crisis that requires emergency medical surge capacity. These products, including the line of MasCache® Surge Care Products, enable healthcare providers to bed, bathe, clothe, and care for patients while protecting themselves in the process. Medical surge capacity is increased through easily deployable disposable bed linens, disposable patient gowns, and hospital staff disposable supplies, ready to setup in any treatment area configuration. 

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Germicidal Disposable Wipes image

Germicidal Disposable Wipes


Non-woven, pre-moistened towelettes are thick with high fluid capacity. These wipes are pliable and strong to get into crevices and corners of equipment. Individually-wrapped Super Sani-Cloth&reg…

Staff Scrubs image

Staff Scrubs

$250.00 - $303.00

Disposable staff scrubs for medical surge care. Available As Staff Scrubs (MC4007) Specifications Staff Scrubs (MC4007) Scrub pant: disposable scrub pant is soft and comfortable, hip po…

Emergency Warming Blanket image

Emergency Warming Blankets

$21.58 - $81.00

The Disposable Emergency Blanket is packaged in a pocket-sized wrapping. Ideal for retaining body heat during emergency or decontamination events. Available As Emergency Warming Blanket - 5 Pack…

48 Hour Bedding Kits - Adult image

48 Hour Bedding Kits - Adult


Disposable bedding kits for medical surge care. Available As 48 Hour Bedding Kits - Adult (MC5001) Specifications 48 Hour Bedding Kits (MC5001) Bottom sheet (2) - 40" x 94", white…

Disposable Stethoscope image

Disposable Stethoscope


The stethoscope, designed for single patient use, is perfect for infectious areas. Sound quality is remarkably good. Available As Disposable Stethoscope (MC4017) Specifications Dispos…

Blankets - 25 per Box image

Blankets (25/Box)


Warm, economical blankets for disaster response or patients in medical surge care. Use alone or with a Mylar blanket for extra warmth. Available As Blankets - 25 per Box (MC4009) Specificat…

Hygiene Kit image

Hygiene Kit


Hygiene kit for patient care. Available As Hygiene Kit (MC4005) Specifications Hygiene Kit (MC4005) Tooth care: (4) individually wrapped oral swabs with mint-flavored dentifrice 4 per k…

Disposable BP Cuff Covers image

Disposable BP Cuff Covers


Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff Covers for prevention of cross contamination. Available As Disposable BP Cuff Covers (MC4018) Specifications Disposable BP Cuff Covers (MC4018) Made from a …

Gown Kit image

Patient Gown Kits

$184.00 - $189.00

Disposable patient gown kit. Available As Patient Gown Kit (MC4003) Patient Gown Kits - Youth (MC4004) Specifications Gown Kit (MC4003) Adult patient gown: 30" x 42", dark blue sof…

Biohazard Bags & Dispenser image

Biohazard Bags & Dispenser

$14.00 - $72.00

Dispenser and bags for biohazard disposal. Available As Biohazard Bags & Dispenser (MC4013) Replacement Biohazard Bags (MC4013R) Specifications Biohazard Bags & Dispenser (MC4013)…

48 Hour Bedding Kits - Infant image

48 Hour Bedding Kits - Infant


Disposable 48 hour infant bedding kit for medical surge care. Available As 48 Hour Bedding Kits - Infant (MC5004) Specifications 48 Hour Bedding Kits - Infant (MC5004) Crib sheet …

Disposable Lab Coats image

Disposable Lab Coats

$113.00 - $324.60

An economical, fluid-resistant outer layer for healthcare providers. Available As Disposable Lab Coats (PR235) - Box of 30 Disposable Lab Coats (MC4012) - Box of 10 Specifications …