Portable Lighting

Portable Lighting

DQE offers the best in portable lighting solutions for emergency or everyday use.  Light remote areas up to 1,000 feet away with the 15' Luminite Inflatable Light Tower. This light provides 360 degrees of completely portable lighting.  It is lightweight and available with a Luminite Sign Banner to use as portable signage.

For lighting smaller spaces, the 7' Luminite Light Tower and the Wobble Light provide ample task lighting.

LED Work Light image

LED Work Light


The LED Work Light can hang either horizontally or vertically to light emergency preparedness work areas such as Mobile Command Shelters. Available As LED Work Light (RP4650) Specifications LE…

Luminite Sign Banner

Luminite Sign Banner


Luminite Sign Banners snugly fit around the Luminite 15' Inflatable Light Tower (RP4521) or Luminite 7' Inflatable Light Tower (RP4531) to provide illuminated signage. These customized removable bands…

Luminite 15' Inflatable Light Tower image

Luminite 15' & 7' Inflatable Light Tower


The Luminite Inflatable Light Tower sets up in seconds and provides portable light for numerous applications, such as lighting for hazardous material spill sites, emergency rescues, field hospitals or…

Glow Light Sticks - Green image

Glow Light Sticks - Green


These green light sticks glow for 8-12 hours, providing a light source for many different situations. They can be used to mark an exit path, track patients, identify staff, and more. An attached hook …

Metal Halide Bulb - 875W image

Metal Halide Bulb - 875W


875W Metal Halide Bulb to replace the Metal Halide Bulb in the 15' Luminite Inflatable Light Tower (RP4521) or 7' Luminite Light Tower (RP4531) Available As Metal Halide Bulb - 875W (RP4541) …

Wobble Light 175 Watt image

Wobble Light 175 Watt


The 36" tall Wobble Light® is a self righting, highly durable work light that takes a severe beating and keeps on performing. It's ideal for use in indoor and outdoor construction sites, manufactu…