Healthcare Preparedness Equipment & Supplies

Healthcare Preparedness Equipment & Supplies

DQE understands that hospitals have unique needs to prepare for emergencies. Incident Solutions® hospital incident command (HICS) products are designed with HICS goals and strategies in mind to enhance hospital emergency preparedness and response capability. Patient evacuation products organize the evacuation process for evacuation in a healthcare setting. Decontamination showers are simple to set up and have vinyl enclosures for patients to feel as comfortable as possible through the decontamination process. DQE carries a variety of infection control, personal protective equipment (PPE) and HazMat suits for hospital staff protection.

Knee-High Overshoe image

Knee-High Overshoe


Liquid-resistant, polycoated fabric shoe cover with vinyl-textured sole. Available As Knee-High Overshoe (HM1270) Specifications Knee-High Overshoe (HM1270) Height: 18" Material: Polyc…

DuPont Tychem 6000 Coverall image

DuPont Tychem 6000 Coverall

$59.00 - $79.50

This DuPont Tychem 6000 (formerly DuPont Tychem F) personal protective clothing shields responders directly involved in HazMat emergency response and decontamination. Available As DuPont Tychem 60…

Reusable Face Shield image

Reusable Face Shield

$52.65 - $1,097.25

Reusable and durable full-face shield helps protect the wearer's face and neck while providing a wide field of vision and down-angle range of motion. The clear visor provides protection from non-hazar…

Disposable Collection Pool image

Disposable Collection Pool


This Disposable Collection Pool is designed for single incident use. The vinyl covered frame allows the unit to be simply folded up and discarded after the incident. This pool is compact for storage a…

ChemTape Roll image

ChemTape Roll


Kappler ChemTape is designed to provide strong chemical resistance and adhesion specifically for taping the seams and around openings of protective apparel and HazMat suits. This patented chemical res…

SafePaq Blood & Virus Protection Kit image

SafePaq® Blood & Virus Protection Kit

$280.00 - $298.00

Remain protected when managing a crisis and providing care to those in need and prevent the transmission of infectious agents with the SafePaq Blood & Virus Protection Kit. The breathable coverall…

HazMat Overboot image

HazMat Overboot


Stretch latex overshoe boots to wear over street shoes for chemical protection. 100% waterproof overboot. Available As HazMat Overboot (HM1250) Specifications HazMat Overboot (HM1250) …

Guardian Butyl Smooth Gloves - 7 mil image

Guardian Butyl Smooth Gloves - 7 mil-35 mil

$19.48 - $56.65

Butyl gloves offer superior protection against toxic materials such as esters, ketones and strong oxidizing agents while providing excellent grip and flexibility even in low temperatures. These dispos…

Sandbag image



Sandbags help to stabilize equipment and ground tarps in windy conditions. Keep several on hand in your response equipment caches. Available As Sandbag (HM1075) Specifications Sandbag (HM107…

Honeywell P1130 SAF-T-FIT Plus P100 Respirator image

Honeywell P1130 SAF-T-FIT Plus P100 Respirator - Box of 10


The Honeywell P1130 SAF-T-FIT Plus P100 Particulate Respirator Mask with a full face seal and valve, provides NIOSH approved 99.97% filtration against oil and non-oil based particulates. This P100 re…

Supersoft Decon Brush image

Supersoft Decon Brush

$12.98 - $17.50

Supersoft decon brushes are gentle on both protective clothing and skin. Available in 8" or 10" for use with either the Decon Brush Handle(HM544) or the Telescoping Decon Brush Handle(HM545). Availab…

Nitrile Extended Cuff Black Exam Gloves - 8 mil image

Nitrile Extended Cuff Black Gloves - 8 mil


These black nitrile gloves offer a unique combination of features. The deep black color helps to identify the presence of white powder residue. The heavy duty nitrile gloves are 8 mil thick, which off…