Healthcare Preparedness Equipment & Supplies

Healthcare Preparedness Equipment & Supplies

DQE understands that hospitals have unique needs to prepare for emergencies. Incident Solutions® hospital incident command (HICS) products are designed with HICS goals and strategies in mind to enhance hospital emergency preparedness and response capability. Patient evacuation products organize the evacuation process for evacuation in a healthcare setting. Decontamination showers are simple to set up and have vinyl enclosures for patients to feel as comfortable as possible through the decontamination process. DQE carries a variety of infection control, personal protective equipment (PPE) and HazMat suits for hospital staff protection.

Hazards Cleanup Toolkit image

Hazards Cleanup Toolkit


The Hazards Cleanup Toolkit is perfect for those situations when you are not sure what you will be facing. This emergency cleanup kit is contained in a tough, chemical-resistant, PVC vinyl duffle with…

Disposable Stethoscope image

Disposable Stethoscope


The stethoscope, designed for single patient use, is perfect for infectious areas. Sound quality is remarkably good. Available As Disposable Stethoscope (MC4017) Specifications Dispos…

Blankets - 25 per Box image

Blankets (25/Box)


Warm, economical blankets for disaster response or patients in medical surge care. Use alone or with a Mylar blanket for extra warmth. Available As Blankets - 25 per Box (MC4009) Specificat…

Hygiene Kit image

Hygiene Kit


Hygiene kit for patient care. Available As Hygiene Kit (MC4005) Specifications Hygiene Kit (MC4005) Tooth care: (4) individually wrapped oral swabs with mint-flavored dentifrice 4 per k…

Tingley Premier G2 HazMat Boot image

Economy HazMat Boots


Tough exterior, yet extremely comfortable with a removable contour insole. Tingley Premier G2 Knee Boots have chemical resistance that includes: fats, certain acids, alkalies, hydrocarbons, and other …

Fan Spray Nozzle image

Fan Spray Nozzle


The gentle but effective drenching fan pattern is less aggravating over sensitive areas of the body. Available As Fan Spray Nozzle (HM214) Specifications Fan Spray Nozzle (HM214) Compact …

Sack-It Clean-Up Bags image

Sack-It Clean-Up Bags


Collect, contain, and identify contaminated clothing, linens, or refuse simply and affordability. Available As Sack-It Clean-up Bags - 20 Replacement Bags (HM380) Sack-It Clean-up Dispenser…

3M Fit Test Kit image

3M Fit Test Kit


This 3M Fit Test Kit can be used to assess the face-to-respirator seal of any particulate respirator or gas/vapor respirator with a particulate prefilter. Fit testing must be performed before a respir…

Replacement Liner for Compact Collection Pool image

Replacement Liner for Compact Collection Pool


Replacement Liner for the Compact Collection Pool 4' x 4' (HM1044AB)/(HM1044SB) Available As  Replacement Liner for Compact Collection Pool (HM1051) Specifications Replace…

Glacier Tek Cooling Vest Ice Pack image

Cooling Vest - Cool Pack Set


Glacier Tek cooling packs are made with a proprietary high-tech, full-barrier film that is hermetically sealed for easy cleaning, disinfecting or sterilization. This cool pack set is for use with Glac…

Pandemic Screening Shelter Package image

Pandemic Screening Shelter Package


The Pandemic Screening Shelter Package contains the essential products needed to set up a temporary pandemic screening area outside of your hospital. Use the temporary triage tent to be screening…

HICS Command Toolbox image

HICS Command Toolbox


The HICS Command Toolbox enhances your hospital emergency response capability by providing an organized set of tools to perform HICS management procedures. Its contents are specifically designed to ai…