Healthcare Preparedness Equipment & Supplies

Healthcare Preparedness Equipment & Supplies

DQE understands that hospitals have unique needs to prepare for emergencies. Incident Solutions® hospital incident command (HICS) products are designed with HICS goals and strategies in mind to enhance hospital emergency preparedness and response capability. Patient evacuation products organize the evacuation process for evacuation in a healthcare setting. Decontamination showers are simple to set up and have vinyl enclosures for patients to feel as comfortable as possible through the decontamination process. DQE carries a variety of infection control, personal protective equipment (PPE) and HazMat suits for hospital staff protection.

Mobility Level Wristbands image

Mobility Level Wristbands


Identify an evacuee's mobility level with Mobility Level Wristbands. These color-coded evacuation wristbands indicate whether an evacuee's mobility level is walking, needs assistance in a wheelchair, …

PACE Evacuation Toolbox image

PACE Evacuation Toolbox


The PACE Evacuation Toolbox is an organized set of essential tools that helps staff ready their evacuees and prepare their floor/unit for evacuation. Every area needs to be ready for evacuation in ord…

48 Hour Bedding Kits - Adult image

48 Hour Bedding Kits - Adult


Disposable bedding kits for medical surge care. Available As 48 Hour Bedding Kits - Adult (MC5001) Specifications 48 Hour Bedding Kits (MC5001) Bottom sheet (2) - 40" x 94", white…

Slyde Evacuation Sled Stairwell Belay System image

Slyde® Stairwell Belay System


The Stairwell Belay System offers control and safety for vertical evacuation. Training is required for safe use. Available As Slyde Belay System (IC5030) Contents Slyde Belay System (IC5030) …

Caution Tape image

Caution Tape

$8.60 - $10.76

Barricade tape for restricting an area to limit access of non-emergency personnel. Available As Caution Tape 300' (HM416) Caution Tape 500' (HM415) Specifications Barricade Tape "Caution"…

Easy Roller Non-Ambulatory Roller System image

Easy Roller Non-Ambulatory Roller System

$1,500.00 - $1,665.00

The Easy Roller Non-Ambulatory Decon System is designed exclusively for the DQE 4' x 8' Standard Collection Pool (steel or aluminum). These rollers allow the Decon Operations Team to easily decontamin…

HICS Vests - 17 Position HIMT Vest Set image

HICS Vests - 17 Position HIMT Vest Set


Identify Hospital Incident Management Team (HIMT) members and responsibilities easily during your facility's incident response using these color-coded vests with printed titles. These identification v…

Onguard Hazmax Knee Boots image

Dunlop Hazmax Knee Boots


These chemical resistant, 16" high pvc boots provide protection to HazMat teams, emergency responders, environmental specialists and site remediation teams in hazardous situations involving dangerous …

Disposable Apron image

Disposable Apron


Lightweight, disposable apron with poly-waist ties and a pullover neck loop. The disposable apron can tear off from your neck for disposal, avoiding the need for having potentially hazardous scissors …

Glow Light Sticks - Green image

Glow Light Sticks - Green


These green light sticks glow for 8-12 hours, providing a light source for many different situations. They can be used to mark an exit path, track patients, identify staff, and more. An attached hook …

3M HEPA Filter Cartridge - Breathe Easy image

3M HEPA Filter Cartridge - Breathe Easy (12/Box)


This filter cartridge is for use with the 3M Breathe Easy PAPR (HM5500LA) for high efficiency level protection against particulates. Available As 3M HEPA Filter Cartridge (HM5507) Specificat…

Easel image



This quick deploy easel is configured to display the following hospital dry erase boards and easel pads: HICS 76 Position HIMT Chart - Dry Erase (IC2001), HICS 26 Position HIMT Chart - Easel Pad (IC20…