Disposable Patient Hygiene Kits & Supplies

Disposable Patient Hygiene Kits & Supplies

Patient Hygiene Supplies for a medical surge on alternate care site.

48 Hour Patient Care Kit - Youth image

48 Hour Patient Care Kit - Youth


Disposable 48 Hour Youth Patient Care Kit. Available As 48 Hour Patient Care Kit - Youth (MC5003) Specifications  48 Hour Patient Care Kit - Youth (MC5003) Youth patient gown (3)…

Absorbent Briefs - Adult image

Absorbent Briefs - Adult


Adult disposable absorbent briefs. Available As Absorbent Briefs - Adult (MC4027) Specifications Absorbent Briefs - Adult (MC4027) Fits up 40" - 50" waist with generous leg cut Dual tap…

Biohazard Bags & Dispenser image

Biohazard Bags & Dispenser

$12.95 - $66.25

Dispenser and bags for biohazard disposal. Available As Biohazard Bags & Dispenser (MC4013) Replacement Biohazard Bags (MC4013R) Specifications Biohazard Bags & Dispenser (MC4013)…

Germicidal Disposable Wipes image

Germicidal Disposable Wipes


Protect against a wide range of bacteria and viruses with disposable, non-woven pre-moistened towelettes. Available As Germicidal Disposable Wipes (MC4011) Specifications Germicidal Disposable Wip…

Hygiene Kit image

Hygiene Kit


Hygiene kit for patient care. Available As Hygiene Kit (MC4005) Specifications Hygiene Kit (MC4005) Tooth care: (4) individually wrapped oral swabs with mint-flavored dentifrice 4 per k…

Male Urinals image

Male Urinals


Prevents spilling and reduce odors. Available As Male Urinals (MC4026) Specifications Male Urinals (MC4026) Translucent plastic with lid, prevents spilling and reduces odors with odor s…

Odor Eliminator (48/Box) image

Odor Eliminator (48/Box)


Non-scented order eliminator combines with odor molecules to remove unpleasant smells. Removes odors resulting from necrotic tissue, urine, feces, and more. Available As Odor Eliminator (MC4048) …

Patient Belongings Bag image

Patient Belongings Bag


Labeled bags for carrying patient belongings Available As Patient Belongings Bag (MC4049) Specifications Patient Belongings Bag (MC4049) 2 mil Poly tote bag with handles 2…

Urine and Emesis Bag image

Urine and Emesis Bag


This inexpensive, compact, dual purpose device should be stockpiled for preparing for mass care events to contain urine and emesis. The bag is easy of use, simply press ends of collar bottom to o…

Bedside Commodes (4/Box) image

Bedside Commodes (4/Box)


Sturdy, compact bedside commodes. Box of four. Available As Bedside Commodes (MC4029) Specifications Bedside Commode (MC4029) Ease of use Adjustable height Supports 300 lb Contents …

Bedpans image



Compact, lightweight bedpans. Available As Bedpans (MC4025) Specifications Bedpans (MC4025) Dimensions: 11.75" x 14.75" x 5" Capacity: graduated to 800 mL Fits over standard …