Medical Facility Evacuation

Medical Facility Evacuation

Hospital evacuation and Nursing Home evacuation is the process of moving patients/residents, staff, and visitors from their at-risk location within a medical facility or campus to a safe holding area or alternate location. Evacuation requires the use of the hospital incident management system (HICS) to coordinate resources, track patients and equipment, and ensure accountability.

Evacuation Position Checklist image

PACE Evacuation Position Checklist Pack


The PACE Evacuation Position Checklists provide step-by-step actions designed to guide the Evacuation Group Supervisor (Area Manager) and Clinical Staff, as well as Horizontal Movement Teams and Holdi…

HICS Vests - Evacuation Branch image

HICS Vests - Evacuation Branch & Group

$68.75 - $287.50

These HICS style vests identify evacuation incident management positions for a particular unit/department. The position names are printed on both the front and the back with a reflective strip sewn on…

Evacuation Assessment Door Sign image

Evacuation Assessment Door Sign


The Evacuation Assessment Door Sign communicates the mobility level of an evacuee and that the assessment for the room is complete. Available to restock your PACE Evacuation Toolbox (IC…

Healthcare Evacuation Reference Guide image

Healthcare Evacuation Reference Guide


This pocket-sized guide reviews healthcare evacuation procedures and incident management roles and responsibilities. Use as a training tool to sustain evacuation skills or hand them out to staff …

Safety Seals image

Safety Seals


These tamper-evident plastic seals have a variety of uses including securing first aid cabinets, crash carts, containers holding valuable or sensitive documents, and securing the closure of the PACE E…

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Patient Belongings Bag


Labeled bags for carrying patient belongings Available As Patient Belongings Bag (MC4049) Specifications Patient Belongings Bag (MC4049) 2 mil Poly tote bag with handles 20" x …