Firefighter Health and Wellness

Firefighter Health and Wellness

There is a growing body of knowledge on the connection between fire ground exposure and firefighter cancer. Your skin is highly absorptive, with the face, neck, throat, and groin being the most permeable. As temperature increases in an emergency response, so does skin permeability, which increases the urgency for cleaning the skin as soon as you leave the hot zone.

Use these products to develop a decontamination area in the warm zone for dropping tools, doffing firefighter PPE and SCBA, and maintaining personal hygiene by removing carcinogens from the skin prior to entering the rehab area in the cold zone.

Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of firefighters by providing practical products that make them safer. Through knowledge, making cancer prevention routines a priority, and the right supplies, firefighters can minimize their exposure to carcinogens.

Decon Wand image

Decon Wand


Simply connect this hand-held device to a standard garden hose and you are ready to begin. The wand comes in two pieces for compact storage, and assembles with a quick-connect coupling. The valve allo…

Dry-It Disposable Towels image

Dry-It Disposable Towels


These versatile, disposable towels are ideal for drying victims after decon and everyday patient care use. The "it" is up to you! Available As Dry-It Disposable Towels (HM705) Specificati…

Change-Out Clothing image

Change-Out Clothing

$4.50 - $142.00

Fresh and dry clothing is important in order to fully relax during the rehab process. T-Shirts for keeping cool in warm climates and sweatshirts and sweatpants to stay warm and protected. Having …

Decon Utility Stool image

Decon Utility Stool


The Decon Stool is a quick and convenient way to introduce a seating option during the decon process. Integrated bucket provides storage for soap, brushes, sponges and other decon items. HazMat respon…

Disposable Collection Pool image

Disposable Collection Pool


This Disposable Collection Pool is designed for single incident use. The vinyl covered frame allows the unit to be simply folded up and discarded after the incident. This pool is compact for storage a…

Fire Hose Reducer Coupling image

Fire Hose Reducer Coupling

$24.95 - $46.50

This fire hose reducer coupling reduces a female NHT fire hose to one standard male garden hose fitting. Available As Fire Hose Reducer Coupling - 1.5" (HM210) Fire Hose Reducer Coupling - 2.5" (…

Fire Hose Reducer Coupling with Hose image

Fire Hose Reducer Coupling with Hose

$59.00 - $87.72

Reduces a 1.5" or 2.5" NHT fire hose to one standard male garden hose fitting. Available As Fire Hose Reducer Coupling 1.5" with Hose (HM208) Fire Hose Reducer Coupling 2.5" with Hose (HM208-25) …

Decon Sprayer image

Decon Sprayer

$14.98 - $26.00

This portable decon sprayer makes it easy to apply soap solutions during the decon process. Available As Decon Sprayer - 2 Gallon (HM6210) Decon Sprayer - 1 Gallon (HM6211) Specifications …

Tool Brush image

Tool Brush


Stiff-bristled tool brush for decontaminating hard to reach surfaces. Excellent for cleaning respirators, helmets, monitors, or other hazmat equipment. Available As Tool Brush (HMS1523) Spe…

Round Scrub Brush image

Round Scrub Brush


Round brush with contoured handle for a comfortable sure grip and strong cleaning action. This multi-purpose brush can be used in suit and equipment decon. Available As Round Scrub Brush (HMS521) …

Body Wipes image

Body Wipes


These polyester-blend washcloths clean and deodorizes skin, leaving it refreshed and odor-free without the need for water. Available As Body Wipes (CTMC40053) Included in the Hygiene P…

Equipment Decon Station System image

Equipment Decon Station System


The Equipment Decon Station brings the task of decontaminating equipment up to a working height of 36". The table is slotted to allow water to flow through into a containment pool. Available As Eq…