DQE-On-Demand Evacuation Program


The DQE-On-Demand Evacuation program provides students with training on Evacuation Movement Teams and Evacuation Management, Planning, and Logistics. Sold per student user seat.

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DQE-On-Demand eLearning for Healthcare Preparedness uses professionally produced animation and audio to clearly and effectively teach emergency preparedness procedures and demonstrate skills. Students learn at their own pace through short animated courses.

The DQE-On-Demand Library gives you and your staff access to manuals, videos, and reference materials to support your training efforts. Hospital DQE-On-Demand Program Administrators have ability to download student progress reports and store their planning documents in the Upload Zone. DQE-On-Demand is available for regional hospital access, so you can connect your hospital emergency preparedness training throughout your hospital network.

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DQE-On-Demand Online Evacuation Training

8 Evacuation online training courses with 139 minutes of training material. Courses include:

  • EV101: Hospital Evacuation Orientation
  • EV110: Introduction to Hospital Evacuation
  • EV120: Emergent Evacuation
  • EV130: Non-Emergent Evacuation - Overview
  • EV131: Non-Emergent Evacuation - Process
  • EV140: Evacuation Planning, Training & Exercises
  • EV151: Evacuation Command & Control
  • EV160: Evacuation Logistics


  • Sold by user seat. A quantity of one seat grants one student user unlimited access to the Evacuation Program for one year.

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