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Healthcare Evacuation Reference Guide image

Healthcare Evacuation Reference Guide


This pocket-sized guide reviews healthcare evacuation procedures and incident management roles and responsibilities. Use as a training tool to sustain evacuation skills or hand them out to...

Heavy Duty Privacy Screen image

Heavy Duty Privacy Screen


The Heavy-Duty Privacy Screen is a large and rugged 5' x 5' portable privacy screen. With a quick and easy setup, a durable, industrial-grade PVC support structure and sturdy 10 oz. vinyl screen this.…

HICS 26 Position HIMT Chart - Easel Pad image

HICS 26 Position HIMT Chart - Easel Pad


The HICS 26 Position HIMT Chart - Easel Pad will assist you in easily deploying HICS procedures. It is an essential tool to assist incident command staff in tracking personnel who are assigned to...

HICS Job Action Sheets - Complete Set image

HICS Job Action Sheets - Complete Set


Individually wrapped sets of the HICS Job Action Sheets printed for quick use. Available As HICS Job Action Sheets (IC2003) Specifications HICS Job Action Sheets...

HICS Pocket Guide image

HICS Pocket Guide


The HICS Pocket Guide provides command staff with a template of all positions in the HICS hierarchy and a mission statement for each.  The HICS Pocket Guide is a tool to help leaders clarify...

Hospital Staff ID Vests image

Hospital Staff ID Vests


Hospital Staff ID Vests reduce confusion during these events by clearly identifying the staff and the roles they play. These identification vests are constructed of a proprietary, non-woven,...

Hot Zone Tape image

Hot Zone Tape


Hot Zone Tape creates a barrier to identify the hot zone in a HazMat event. The hot zone is where the contaminated area is located or any area with high risk. The hot zone is any area within the...

Hygiene Kit image

Hygiene Kit


Hygiene kit for patient care. Available As Hygiene Kit (MC4005) Specifications Hygiene Kit (MC4005) Tooth care: (4) individually wrapped oral swabs with mint-flavored dentifrice 4...

Indestructo Decon Shower System image

Indestructo Decon Shower

$2,490.00 - $2,995.00

The Indestructo is a highly break resistant portable decon shower that is constructed of durable ABS pipes and fittings, and specially designed shower heads. The shower is fully collapsible,...

Indestructo Pool image

Indestructo Pool - 4' x 4' x 6"


The Indestructo pool features heavy-duty fabric which provides superior performance over standard PVC vinyl. The tough, 30 oz material meets or exceeds several ASTM standards including cold...

Indestructo Shower Parts Ordering image

Indestructo Shower Parts Ordering

$11.65 - $296.08

Click to enlarge the shower illustration to reference the parts needed. Then, select the part from the dropdown for pricing and to add to your cart. If your decontamination shower was purchased...

SKUHM7000 Parts
Canine Decontamination Kit image

K-9 Decon Kit


Working dogs have the potential to come into contact with a variety of harmful contaminants. This portable, affordable kit includes everything you need to clean your canine and protect yourself from..…