Disposable Cooling Vests

SKU: #RP6212

Disposable Cooling Vests for the Disposable Cooling Vest Starter Pack.



This replacement pack of 5 Disposable Cooling Vests are adjustable and thin for comfort under personal protective apparel and chemical suits. They are designed to target the optimal upper torso cooling zone across a wide range of body styles. Vests may last multiple sessions depending on soiling and activity level. Pair these vests with the Disposable Cooling Vests - Cool Packs (RP6213) (these reusable cooling packs are sold separately).

Available As

  • Disposable Cooling Vests (RP6212)


Disposable Cooling Vests (RP6212)

  • Safe for clean environments and against your body inside of personal protective equipment
  • Not launderable - suitable for 1-3 uses


  • 5 vests

Additional Info


01ZA-06-COOL (Garment/Vest/Device, Cooling)