Decon Stability Cane

SKU: #HM800

The Decon Stability Cane assists response personnel during the decontamination process by providing a support to lean on.



Wearing a HazMat suit during responder decontamination makes it difficult to maneuver. The Decon Stability Cane allows responders to navigate a decon area safety. It is especially helpful when washing lower extremities and the soles of feet.

Available As

  • Decon Stability Cane (HM800)


Decon Stability Cane (HM800)

  • Made of sturdy, high-density, industrial-grade PVC
  • T-shaped handle for gripping with gloves
  • Stable legs with skid-resistant rubber feet that resist slipping in wet environments
  • Self-standing unit has low center of gravity and resists tip over
  • Bright orange colored handles for increased visibility among other decon apparatus
  • Dimensions: Base - 12.5" x 12.5", Height - 38.5"
  • For professional use only - not for non-ambulatory patient use


  • One cane

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