Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Products that promote safety at the workplace and in your community. Keep you and your family healthy with NanoBio Protect, an FDA regulated over-the-counter nasal skin antiseptic that helps to reduce germs on skin that can cause infections. 

The Kore Kooler Chair has patented hand and forearm immersion arms for firefighters, athletes, construction workers, and anyone exerting themselves in the heat to lower the impact of heat stress on their health and safety.

Countertop sneeze guard image

Countertop Barrier Shield


Help reduce the spread of airborne particles through confined spaces such as offices, lobbies, classrooms, waiting rooms, and retail establishments. This horizontal countertop safety barrier has a 40"…

NanoBio Protect nasal swab image

NanoBio Protect - Nasal Antiseptic Solution

$24.95 - $876.64

Healthcare and public safety workers are in constant contact with unknown pathogens out in our community, including COVID-19. Applied with a cotton nasal swab to the skin inside and around the nose, N…

SKUMC3000 | MC3000-C
Kore Kooler Rehab Chair Replacement Reservoir Bags image

Kore Kooler Rehab Chair Replacement Reservoir Bags


These replacement arm reservoir bags carry several gallons of water to enable the active cooling process in the Kore Kooler Rehab Chair. Available As Replacement Reservoir Bags (RH2002) Replacement H…

Kore Kooler Rehab Chair Replacement Headrest Image

Kore Kooler Rehab Chair Replacement Headrest


This headrest attaches to the top of the Kore Kooler Chair with an elastic band. Kore Kooler Rehab Chair sold separately. Available As Replacement Headrest (RH1999) Kore Kooler Rehab Chair …

25 Sanibag bedpan liners per diespenser box image

Sani-Bag+ Commode Liner

$34.95 - $133.20

The Sani-Bag+ commode liner and bedpan liner consists of a funnel shaped biodegradable bag that contains a specially formulated waste treatment powder. The powder turns liquid to solid for easy, …

Kore Kooler Chair for heat stress relief image

Kore Kooler® Rehab Chair


Combat heat stress with active cooling. This cooling chair lowers body temperature through hand and forearm immersion. Combined with rest and hydration, hand and forearm immersion is an effective way …