Change-Out Clothing

SKU: #RH2006|RH2007|RH2008|RH2011

Change-Out Clothing for being dry and comfortable during the rehab process.

$4.50 - $142.00


Fresh and dry clothing is important in order to fully relax during the rehab process. T-Shirts for keeping cool in warm climates and sweatshirts and sweatpants to stay warm and protected. Having wet feet can be miserable in cold weather. A pair of dry Change-Out Socks can make all the difference in being warm and comfortable.

Available As

  • Change-Out T-Shirts (RH2006)
  • Change-Out Sweatshirts (RH2007)
  • Change-Out Sweatpants (RH2008)
  • Change-Out Socks (RH2011)
  • Selected clothing included in the Core Warming Package (RHK3000) and Core Cooling Package (RHK2000)

Change-Out T-Shirts (RH2006), Sweatshirts (RH2007), Sweatpants (RH2008)

  • Cotton-polyester
  • Color: Navy
  • Available in sizes: XL and 3XL


  • Pack of 6

Change-Out Socks (RH2011)

  • Color: White
  • Intended to be worn only in the rehab area


  • Pack of 6 pair

Additional Info



08D3-01-CLOM  (Clothing, Disposable Modesty)